The family of Dr. Isaac and Barbara (Moore) Stutler

(Tintype taken around 1877)
Courtesy of Claudia Brewer (great grand-daughter of Abraham Henry Stutler)

All the siblings are lined up in order of birth

Back row from left to right:
Jacob Francis Stutler
Arthur Stutler
Abraham Henry Stutler
Robert Henderson Stutler
Photo of Nancy (died in 1877 at age 25)
William Winfield Stutler
James Lafayette Stutler
Charles Leonidas Stutler
Warner Stutler
Joseph Noolan Stutler
Front row from left to right:
Isaac Luther Stutler
Dr. Isaac Stutler
Stephen Thomas Stutler
Barbara Ann (Moore) Stutler
Alvadore Stutler

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