A visit with Carol Kaye

If you have never heard of Carol Kaye, you definitely ought to see her Web site .
Here are specific links to that site:

Some of the hits on which she played guitar.
Some of the hits on which she played bass.
Some of the movies and TV shows on which she played bass.

I learned to play the electric bass using her videos, cassettes and books, so it was a dream come true when I finally had the chance to go back to the States and visit her home in California and take a bass lesson from her. Here are a few photos from that visit.

At Carol's place. Her birds can be seen in the background. That's me holding Carol's current Fender bass.

I'm supposed to be playing a bass line here along with Carol's guitar, but kinda got lost!

After the lesson, head now full of new material.

Thanks again, Carol!

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