Old Stock and Recent acquisitions

Only a few pens left. When the pens are gone, this page will also vanish.

If you don't like a pen you bought, please don't ask for a refund or ask me to pay for return shipping. I'm not a business, and I'd rather not deal with difficult people.

Regarding scratches on stainless steel pens, I don't think I have ever seen Trident or a MYU or Murex that did not have at least some light scratches, not even pens that had been sealed in their original sleeves in perfect mint condition. Some scratches are inevitable because the steel clutch spring inside the cap comes in contact with the body. The brushed steel is by definition a network of tiny "scratches" so this ought not to be an issue. These pens were made to take scratches with grace. As you use the pen, new scratches will inevitably come and will blend in with the finish in time. This process of "polishing by use" will make the pen more shiny. If you are the type of person who demands a flawless pen, and cannot stand scratches and are likely to complain about them, please do not buy a MYU or Murex -- or any older Japanese pen for that matter since they all have that steel clutch spring inside the cap. It will only cause problems for you and the seller.

Back in the 1980's when Trident, MYU and Murex pens were available in pen shops in Japan, they did not come in their own special boxes, so I will wrap these pens will be in bubble wrap and pack them in sturdy three-sided boxes of corrugated board.

Item PMY 7203: Pilot MYU 701 (M-350SS) with fine nib

Comes with its original price sticker.




The new old stock Pilot fine nib MYU 701 pen (Item PMY 7203) is SOLD

Item PMY 6625: Pilot MYU 701 (M-350SS) with fine nib which is still sealed in cellophane sleeve from the factory.

Comes in its original cellophane sleeve with its original price sticker. The sleeve was open, so I removed the pen to take photos.





The sealed new old stock Pilot fine nib MYU 701 pen (Item PMY 6625) is $410.00 USD plus shipping.

Item ST 7206: New old stock steel Trident

With original price sticker. The sticker has the kanji for both medium and fine which indicates that this is a rare Trident pen with a medium fine tip. Most Trident pens are fine point pens and have no point size indication on the sticker at all.




The Sailor steel Trident pen (item ST 7206) is $210.00 plus shipping.

I can include a Pilot/Namiki converter for an extra $5.00 each, or a Sailor converter for $8.00 each.

Ordering information

How to order:
Send an e-mail to japanpencollector@gmail.com to inquire about the pen's availability and price. The shipping fee will depend upon where you live.

Shipping Fees (as of June 2016)

EMS International Express Mail Service: Fast shipping from Japan, handled as High priority mail, includes tracking number, and is insured against loss, theft, damage. These fees cover up to three pens in one shipment.

Asia N. America
Middle East
S. America
$14.00 $20.00 $22.00 $24.00

Standard airmail to anywhere in the world: $5.00 USD
Usually arrives in a week or so, but can sometimes take much longer. No tracking or insurance. You can choose this option, but at your own risk.

Payment Options:
  • Paypal
    Please do not pay in Japanese yen because I will have no idea how much you actually paid in dollars, and can't easily determine which shipping method you paid for (the exchange rate web sites are constantly changing their numbers throughout the day).

  • Postal International Money Orders
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There may be other payment options, but you would need to contact me first.