2002 Pen Trading Show in Tokyo

February, 2002

Today I visited the second Annual Pen Trading Show in Tokyo, and event organized by pen collectors. There were 8 tables with some vendors sharing the same tables, and the number of visitors was fairly small, reflecting the small number of pen collectors here. Still, it was a good crowd for the size of the room. Pentracer Eizo Fujii of Eurobox was there, taking one entire wall of the room. Len Provisor's Duofold airplane was also there.

I took a few photos of the show, and some Japanese pens on display there. So, here they are. Most of them need no explanation or comment.

(left) Lots of Conway Stewart Pens

(right) Eizo Fujii with the Duofold plane

A tray full of bargain pens

Some Japanese pens with Buddhist inscriptions, a lady's portrait, and a Bible verse in Japanese on the cap and English on the barrel. (These are from the Eurobox collection).