Japanese Fountain Pen Links

Last updated November, 2004

Here is a handy list of Web links related to Japanese fountain pens. Most of these links appear elsewhere on this Web site, and a few appear only here. Also, several of the pen vendors listed below also create their own brand of pens, and are thus pen manufacturers as well as pen vendors.

Pen Manufacturers

Sailor (English)

Sailor (Japanese)

Pilot (English)

Pilot (Japanese)

Platinum (English)

Nakaya (English)

Nakaya (Japanese)

Kawakubo (Japanese)

Hakase (Japanese)

Pen Vendors

Eurobox (Japanese)

Pen Boutique Shosaikan (Japanese)

Ueno Ameyoko Marui (Japanese)

Juzen-sha (Japanese)

Fullhalter (Japanese)

Maruzen (English)

Kawakubo (Japanese)

Seikatsusha (Japanese)

Pensite (Japanese)

E-shop Morita (Japanese)

Buneido (Japanese)

Okahisa Pen Gallery (Japanese)

Pen-House (Japanese)

Pen Clubs

club JaPen (Japanese)

Fuente (e-mail: fuente.naka@nifty.ne.jp)

Pen Collectors Japan (e-mail: integral@dol.hi-ho.ne.jp)

Pen Forums

Tenma's BBS (Japanese)

Pen Collectors' Pages

Tenma's Web site (Japanese)