The Fuente Event 2003

October, 2003

Here are some photos from this year's Fuente event, one of the major fountain pen events of the year in Japan, held in October. Fuente is an organization of pen collectors with its own publications. Membership is free.

The Fuente event is held on the 3rd and 4th floors of a leather, antique and import shop called Hokuo no Takumi, located in Ginza only two blocks from Eurobox.

Pen collectors from all over Japan come to participate in this event which included a pen clinic, auction, pens and items for sale, and lots of casual talking and joking over refreshments.

Here are some photos from the event:

Mutsumi Mori holds a very popular pen clinic and vintage pen sales counter on the third floor.

Testing out one of Mr. Mori pens with kanji and Roman letters.

Three serious pen collectors check out the vintage pen offerings.

Midori Tanikawa of Kobe (left) always livens the party.

Serious pen consulting with Mr. Kubo, Pen Meister (right).

Pen Tracer Eizo Fujii of Eurobox looks on.

Eizo's pen table in the corner on the secod floor.

Mr. Nakatani, president of Fuente examines a pen at Eizo's table as fellow pen collectors look on.

More pen consulting with the very busy Pen Meister.

Dueling cameras: Masa Sunami, Japan's number one pen collector snaps my photo as I snap his.

Pentrace East blotters on display proved to be a hot item!

by Russ Stutler