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I pray the Divine Office daily, and chant the psalms in plainsong often. I like your idea about the pocket psalter from HTM (I love the language in that psalter)with plainsong notation. However, my dream psalter, instead of having a tone/mode "assigned" to a given psalm in that psalter, would have "universal pointing." I got this idea from the Monastic Breviary used by the monks of the Holy Cross (even though they use the 1979 BCP psalter). Universal pointing allows a person, so long as they know the "rules" regarding to the music of any particular tone relative to the accent marks and underlines of line 1 or 2 of a psalm verse, can sing any tone/mode for that psalm. As you know--depending on the season, feast, or whatever, any given psalm can be assigned any tone.

One of the drawbacks that I saw with the St. Dunstan Plainsong Psalter is that they assigned a tone/mode for each psalm, rather than universally pointing it.

Admin reply: Thanks for your message and insights! I can see how universal pointing would be a great benefit. Lately I've been using the Revised Grail Psalms, and one edition has accent marks for chanting. These Psalms were arranged with chanting in mind so they are amazingly easy to chant to any Psalm tone or even improvised chant - with or without the accent marks.

Added: January 15, 2013
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Hi Russ,

Thanks for the great webpage. I am new to chanting the psalms, and I am slowly figuring out how it's all done. But there's one main problem: I don't know how to chant the antiphons.

I have read that the mode that is used to chant the psalm depends on the final tone of the antiphon. But how do you know how to chant to antiphon? Is there a separate list of modes for antiphons?



Admin reply: I confess that when I wrote the article on chanting the Psalms, I wasn't too familiar with the antiphons. It wasn't until after I started doing The Divine Office especially at Church that I started using them regularly. I still don't know how to chant them though!

Added: December 2, 2012
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We pray Evening Prayer daily Monday through Friday, the first three days in English and the next two days in Spanish. It sure would be great if you could record at least Evening Prayer from the Psalter (for the four weeks) for at least these three days (in Plainchant). It could turn out to be a great seller since most parishes are now praying the Liturgy of the Hours.
Manuel Moreno

P.S. Great webpage!

Admin reply: That's great to hear. I only know of one parish that does any of the Liturgy of the Hours, and only Morning Prayers (that doesn't mean there may not be other parishes out there, of course).

I agree it would be a worthy project to record the Liturgy of the Hours in different languages as has been so well done in English. Right now there is a CD available with some main parts of the various Hours done in Japanese.

Added: October 19, 2012
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Thank you for being so kind in helping me revisit my old love of drawing. Your suggestions and examples are amazing. Your site is the best!! You have a kind heart and wonderful control!

Admin reply: Hi Chris, I'm glad the web site was helpful. Thanks for the wonderful message!

Added: October 1, 2012
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Hi, Russ. Part I of my Comment

In my search for a refill replacement for my Platinum Makie rollerball pen, I discovered and thoroghly enjoyed your web site. The Lord has been generous to you and lavished you with many gifts, talents and life experiences.

It is clear to me that you love the Lord and hunger for His Word daily, love, believe and know our Savior Jesus Christ and are filled with the Holy Sprit. Your journey and path from the changing Anglican church to the Catholic Church is a natural one. The rich liturgical mass and the deeply imbedded traditions of the church are compelling. But, your journey is not yet over.

Admin reply: Hi Teri, Thanks for the comments. Yes, I'm sure the journey is not over!

Added: September 9, 2012
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I see that on some of your sketches you mention that you use a carbon ink + brush pen for sketches where your ink then add a watercolor wash over it.

Can I ask what ink + brush pen combo you use?

I have been trying to do the same with a vintage flexible fountain pen with Noodler's ink without success. The pen digs into the paper too much tough.


Admin reply: Hi Dave,

I generally use a Platinum carbon ink cartridge in a Kuretake brush pen (Kuretake brush pens take Platinum cartridges fine but it might be a secret since nobody talks about it). Platinum makes two types of carbon ink cartridges, one for pens and one for brush pens. I prefer the pen ink even in my brush pens because it seems to smudge less.

I also use Platinum carbon ink from a bottle in a Pelikan fountain pen (M150) that has a vintage Pilot flex nib (my own Frankenstein). I can find Platinum carbon ink everywhere in Japan, even in shops in my neighborhood. If I lived in the States I would probably use Noodlers and find a paper that works with it.

If the pen digs into your paper, obviously that implies heavy pressure. A wet noodle flex pen takes very little pressure (as you know) while a semi flex pen forces you to dig in to get line variation.

Added: August 26, 2012
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Just read your "Why i am Catholic' essay....Welcome home!

Admin reply: Thanks, Michael!

Added: August 10, 2012
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Thanks's for such informed and extensive advice. It is very inspirational.

Admin reply: Thank you for visiting!

Added: July 28, 2012
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Hi! I'll explain you a bit about Spanish School: Here to get to university, we have to do a kind of written work (I'm not sure if you understand the expression) about whatever we want. The topic is free. I decided to do it about "Is Sherlock Holmes (the serie) a good adaptation of the books?" and now I'm collecting a bit information. So thank you, because your page really has helped me. I won't copy everything (of course) but for example, your picture, will help me comparing the "real" house and the "serie" house. So thanks so much for uploading this and for your work :D

PD: Sorry for my english, it sucks.

Admin reply: Hi Alexandra,

Your English is fine! I think my layout of 221B Baker Street solves more problems than does the flat in the TV series (which I thought was excellent). Good luck with your project!

Added: July 24, 2012
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Private post. Click to view.

Admin reply: Thanks for your comment and info. I think I found your web site and will add a link in my article next time I'm fiddling with it. Thanks!

Added: July 23, 2012
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