A Real Photograph of Brett Niver!

Here it is, a photo of the semifictitious Brett Niver standing in front of the Kaminari Mon in Asakusa, Tokyo with Russ and Rieko Stutler. By the way, Brett and Russ have written a best selling book called How to Blend in With the Crowd in Japan.

Questions about this photograph

Q Why does it look like the light is coming from different directions?
A There is more than one sun in Japan.

Q Why do you look so unnatural?
A Maybe we drank too much coffee.

Q I never see people looking like that in Asakusa.
A I went back to Asakusa on a typical day and took another photograph of the people there. Here it is:

As you can see, there are many people in Asakusa who look like that. Actually, I must confess that I am being a bit dishonest because this was no ordinary day; it was the annual Brett Niver look alike contest. But still, I think this proves that I did not change the photographs in any way.